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Epiphan's frame grabbers allow health care professio­nals to capture the video signal originating from medical devices such as ultrasound, ECG, and laparoscopy machines. The signal can be captured as high quality video or as individual frames to a PC, Mac, or Linux machine. The result is a diagnostic-quality file in 100% lossless quality and full resolution (up to 2048×2048).

  DVI2USB 3.0 Performs Vital Signs Monitoring Image capture technologies and ubiquitous network connectivity has enabled various advanced approaches for delivering cost-effective healthcare services. Remote guidance, diagnostics, teleoperations – these are just a few of buzz words and methods where remote medical equipment monitoring and Epiphan’s audio visual hardware can be successfully applied. These solutions enable medical specialists to view and analyze the information no matter where they are physically...  Read more »»
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  Capture and Store Gynecological Ultrasounds Using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloAs a gynecologist, Radovan Marek often examines images of fetuses in detail. "I needed to transfer fetal explorations from an ultrasound machine of the highest quality to a computer to examine them," he explains. Marek chose Epiphan DVI2USB Solo to provide him with high-resolution video image capture - but only after trying less...  Read more »»
  Evaluate and Compare Medical Equipment Using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloA medical research organization is using the Epiphan DVI2USB Solo video grabber to assist in its evaluation of high-definition endocsopic camera systems. The Epiphan frame grabber enables the organization's researchers to capture and store images from various machines in order to perform side-by-side comparisons. "Our engineers use DVI2USB Solo to store DVI images,...  Read more »»
  Medical Teleconsultation using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloHenry Ford Health System is pioneering the use of advanced technologies to enhance and improve medical services delivery. One of its projects is the development of a visual teleconsultation application for use during laparoscopic surgeries. Medical Teleconsultation Neil S. Shah explains, "In most laparoscopic surgeries there is a critical...  Read more »»
  Streaming Video from Operating Room to Remote AudienceHenry Ford Health System is pioneering the use of streaming video in the operating room. To stream video from a surgical operating room to a remotely located individual's laptop or handheld device, Henry Ford Health System has deployed Epiphan's DVI2USB Solo frame...  Read more »»
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  Great Choice among Medical Image Capture Solutions Designed for Telemedicine and e-Health ResearchesA future is likely to be dominated by technological advances. What does this mean for medicine? Emerging information and communication technology (ICT) has made a massive impact on multiple medical fields due to a high penetration of computers in medicine. These are computer diagnostic machinery, teleradiology diagnostics, computer data analysis just to name a few. However the principal medical approaches brought to birth by ICT are telemedicine and e-health – the guarantee...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet as a Powerful Solution for Telepharmacy SystemsAlthough the scope of telemedicine comprises various fields of technology, it most commonly describes the practice of medicine using videoconferencing, and the Internet. A new delivery system type is emerging within pharmacy, and it allows both enhancing patient care and providing a new revenue stream for pharmacy operators. Telepharmacy offers an opportunity to provide pharmaceutical care through the use of telecommunications to patients at remote locations....  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet Broadcasts Diagnostic Images and Provides Communication in E-Health Programs Healthcare content continues to proliferate on the Internet. E-health solutions offer long-term benefits as they provide an advanced and secure healthcare environment, strip away inefficient processes and streamline the secure delivery of healthcare information. By using the proper technology and tools, member/patient information, health plans can now support personalized e-health programs for their members. These programs demonstrably enhance health, reduce costs, and provide...  Read more »»
  Broadcast Medical Presentations with Epiphan's VGA2USB LR Frame GrabberThe Institute for Surgery and Innovation provides surgery skills training for health care professionals of all levels. Using Epiphan’s VGA2USB LR frame grabber, the Institute is offering educational presentations and webinars to students and physicians. “We are using VGA2USB LR...  Read more »»
  Capture High-resolution Images from the Diagnostic Imaging EquipmentTrig Medical is an Israeli company developing ultrasound imaging equipment. Its labor monitoring system provides the specialists with ultrasound-based, non-invasive and accurate information. Another system developed by Trig Medical ensures physicians to position both the ultrasound transducer and the needle independently providing for the safest target access and best imaging before the insertion. The diagnostic procedure can...  Read more »»
  Capture Multiple Medical ImagesDistributed Medical manufactures and sells IP-network based solutions for medical imaging. Its EasyGrab appliance is a complete solution for collecting snapshots of analog and digital screens/displays in a medical environment. The product eliminates the need for nurses to manually record readouts from machines such as heart-rate monitors, ultrasounds, EEGs, x-rays, and more. Distributed Medical chose two Epiphan...  Read more »»
  Create Realistic Training Scenarios using Epiphan VGA2USB LRMedtronic is a world leader in medical technologies that help people with chronic diseases to live full lives. Many of the company's products are implanted and must be periodically checked or adjusted. This is done using special equipment (like a laptop) designed to communicate with the implanted devices. Medtronic faced challenges in training medical specialists to perform...  Read more »»
  NTSC Alternative to Capture Live Slide Shows using Epiphan VGA2USB LRRicardo Somarriba, Production Coordinator of the Mount Sinai Educational Technology Group uses Epiphan's VGA2USB LR frame grabber device to capture live PowerPoint shows at medical symposiums. He then uses the captured presentations as multimedia offerings via the web. "There is nothing else like VGA2USB LR," he reports. "It is portable, USB-based, and reasonably priced." He notes...  Read more »»
  Synchronize Slide Presentations with Video Using Epiphan VGA2USB LRWebCME improves clinical outcomes by delivering innovative methods of educating medical professionals. The company uses Epiphan's VGA2USB LR frame grabber device to record Powerpoint lectures on site. The recordings are then syncronized with a video that is made of the presenter, providing a complete video-based training experience. Matt...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Helps to Bring Ultrasound Diagnostics to the Rural and Underserved RegionsNew techniques and approaches expand the use of ultrasound in health care. Due to reduced-resource consumption and low cost ultrasound examinations is an efficient medical diagnostic tool. Combination of ultrasound and telecommunication technologies empowers patients wherever they are to access cost-effective and accurate healthcare. First and foremost it affects the inhabitants of the remote, rural and underserved areas. Here are some interesting facts about delivering high-quality...  Read more »»
  Capture Medical Images from Remote LocationsThe Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan offers breakthrough medical treatments that include robotic prostatectomy, bariatric surgery, advanced cancer treatment, brain tumor treatment and heart care. The hospital used Epiphan's VGA2USB Pro frame grabber to capture medical images from the Canadian Mount Everest Medical Operations Expedition in April/May...  Read more »»