Compare USB Video Grabbers

Epiphan offers a wide range of video grabbers to serve the needs of our customers who require portable USB-based video capture. Although each video grabber is designed to capture signals from specific sources such as SDI, all our video grabbers capture signals from just about any video source including VGA, DVI or HDMI and seamlessly integrate with third party video encoding, scaling and streaming software.

Our video grabbers share many features; deciding which video grabber meets your needs comes down to the input sources, resolutions and interfaces it supports. Refer to the table below to compare USB video grabbers.

Epiphan Video's HD Epiphan Video's SDI DVI2USB3 - USB Video GrabberDVI2USB 3.0 Epiphan Video's SDI2USB 3.0SDI2USB 3.0
Ideal for capturing:
Static Images
Video up to 1920×1200 ✓ (1080p)
USB 3.0
USB 2.0
Capture rate:
Up to 60 FPS
Audio Support:
HDMI Audio
SDI Audio
Key Features:
Drivers for extensive capture control  ✓
Driverless installation for convenience, portability and ease of use
Epiphan capture tool provided
Third-party capture application required
Automatic image scaling and audio resampling
Control of colorspace, image scaling and audio resampling inputs
Uncompressed pixel-for-pixel lossless video capture
$US 349.95 $US 379.95 $US 699.95 $US 699.95 HD SDI DVI2USB 3.0 SDI2USB 3.0