How to live stream to a YouTube Live Event

YouTube lets you create, manage and schedule a list of upcoming Live Events for your YouTube channel. When streaming to a YouTube live event with Webcaster X2 you can:

    • Setup all the details (title, description, keywords, etc) in advance, even if you'll be doing other live streams between now and the time of your event.
    • Share the event's unique URL with your subscribers across a number of channels, even days or weeks before the event.
    • Preview your live stream before you go live.
For a complete list of the differences between streaming to a Live event vs Stream now, see Set publish destination.

It's easy to use Webcaster X2 to live stream to an existing YouTube Live Event.

  1.  Connect everything and turn on Webcaster X2.
    1. Connect your HDMI camera to the HDMI IN port.
    2. Connect your display to the HDMI OUT port.
    3. Connect your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port. (Or configure Wi-Fi after boot up.)
    4. Connect amouse to one of the USB ports.
    5. (Optional) Connect a keyboard to another USB port.
    6. Turn on Webcaster X2 by plugging in the power cord; Webcaster X2 executes its boot-up sequence.
    Webcaster X2 supports HDMI input signals of 720p (1280×720) and 1080p (1920×1080), progressive signals only. Interlaced signals (e.g. 720i and 1080i) are not supported. If your camera isn’t supported (or is experiencing another signal issue), the front screen and attached display show a message that says HDMI IN No Signal. Audio is supported over HDMI at 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. Or using the (beta) USB camera feature, you can use the audio from a connected USB webcam or a plug-and-play USB microphone that is a UAC device.
  2. Choose streaming to YouTube.
    1. If the YouTube logo isn't visible on Webcaster X2's front display, double-press the multi-function power button. See Choose the platform app you want.
  3. If your Webcaster X2 is already paired with your YouTube account from a previous session, your account name displays instead of a new pairing code. If no code appears, check that you still have an Internet connection or whether you are still logged in to a captive Wi-Fi network, see Use a captive WiFi network that's password protected .

  4. If you have not already created your YouTube Live Event, create it now on YouTube.
  5. If your Webcaster X2 is not already paired with your YouTube (Google) account, you can do that now. See Pair and unpair YouTube. Also ensure that Start stream automatically after pairing is not selected in the Webcaster X2 Preferences; otherwise, you can't manually start your stream whenever you want.
    1. Click the Preferences icon at the lower right corner of the screen. The Preferences screen opens.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and ensure Start stream automatically after pairing is not checked.
  6. In the Webcaster X2 Preferences, configure your live stream settings.
    1. Click the Preferences icon at the lower right corner of the screen; the preferences screen opens.
    2. Click Publish destination in the YouTube details section; Webcaster X2 asks YouTube for a list of your events and displays these (along with Stream Now) in the Publish destinations settings box.

    3. Select the Event you want to stream to.
    4. To Preview your stream on YouTube before your event starts, check the Use YouTube to Preview before going live checkbox. If this is unchecked, your stream will go live without a preview stage.
    5. (Optional) Configure aspects of your YouTube stream. (Note that unlike with YouTube's Stream Now feature, Webcaster X2 can't control your stream's Privacy and Video title when streaming to an Event. These are only configurable through your YouTube Live Event dashboard.)
    6. (Optional) Configure your stream settings, being sure to match the bit rate and resolution you configured for your YouTube Live Event.
    7. Click the Right mouse button to exit the Preferences and return to the main screen.
    8. Your streaming destination is listed in the top bar of the main screen.
  7. Begin your broadcast!
    1. When you are ready to start streaming, click the Start icon , press the multi-function power button, or press Space on a connected keyboard.
    2. After a few moments (where Webcaster X2 is communicating with your YouTube account), your stream appears in the event's YouTube Live Control Room.
    3. IMPORTANT: If you checked the Use YouTube to Preview before going live checkbox in earlier configuration steps, the stream doesn't automatically go live until you take further action from your YouTube Live Control Room.
    During your broadcast, click the left mouse button to show or hide the Webcaster X2 overlay (including comments, if you have your device configured to show them).
  8. End your broadcast.
    1. When your live broadcast is over, click the Stop Streaming button in your YouTube Live Control Room to complete the event. (You must stop your event from the Live Control room, otherwise the event continues and viewers see a YouTube spinner.)
    2. Webcaster X2 stops transmitting to YouTube.
    3. Now that your YouTube Live Event is complete, you can no longer stream to it. Webcaster X2 updates its publish destination to Stream Now.
You can also use Webcaster X2 in pre-configured mode with manual or automatic start.