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LUMiO 12x setup

Your LUMiO 12x comes fully assembled and is ready to connect to your capture appliance right out of the box.

Setup involves preparing your new LUMiO 12x to transmit video signals, which includes physical positioning and connecting the power supply/video output cables to your capture appliance. The remote control also requires some initial configuration to pair to your LUMiO 12x.

Before setting up your LUMiO 12x, make sure you have the following:

  • Your LUMiO 12x camera
  • The remote control
  • DC12V power supply (included with purchase)
  • DVI-I, 3G-SDI, and/or HDMI cables and adapters, depending on what kind of video format you'd like your LUMiO 12x to output (not included with purchase).
  • A capture appliance, such as Epiphan Pearl or SDI.


  • Screws and mounting panels (if mounting your LUMiO 12x to a wall or ceiling – not included with purchase).