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Getting started

Welcome and thank you for buying Epiphan Video’s LUMiO 12x!

This user guide contains all the information necessary to successfully set up and operate your LUMiO 12x PTZ camera.

This guide helps you get started by providing identification and descriptions of your LUMiO 12x's physical features and included hardware following by a detailed breakdown of your LUMiO 12x's technical specifications. A quickstart guide is also included for those who prefer a less detailed approach.

In the rest of the guide, you'll learn how to position and connect your LUMiO 12x, set and operate your remote control and configure your LUMiO 12x using additional methods.

Let’s get started!

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Throughout this guide there are situations where more than one solution will complete a task. In those cases the guide describes the simplest or most common variation first.