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What's in the box?

Within the box you'll find the following items:

  1. Your LUMiO 12x video camera
  2. One infrared (IR) remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries sold separately)
  3. One power supply cable (the exact cable you receive depends on your region)
  4. One DC12V power adapter
  5. VISCA RS-232 cable
  6. Lens cap
  7. Adhesive rubber mounting pad

Description of included purchase contents (for identification only, color and appearance of individual items may vary).

LUMiO 12x video cameraYour LUMiO 12x pan-tilt-zoom camera.
Infrared (IR) remote controlA remote controller to operate your LUMiO 12x manually from a distance (powered by 2 AAA batteries – sold separately).
Power cable (power cable may differ depending on region)Connects to an electrical outlet to supply power to your DC12V power supply.
DVI-to-HDMI adapterAn adapter that is used to convert between DVI signals and HDMI signals.
DC12V power supplyConnects to your power cable to convert electrical energy and supply power to your LUMiO 12x.
VISCA RS-232 cableConnects your computer to your LUMiO 12x to allow issuing commands via serial port.
Lens capRubber cap that covers and protects your LUMiO 12x's lens when not in use.
Adhesive rubber mounting padSticks over the mounting holes on the bottom of your LUMiO 12x and is designed to spread the pressure of securely fastened alignment pins and/or screws.