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What is LUMiO 12x?

LUMiO 12x is a portable and versatile HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera that can be placed comfortably on a flat surface, secured on a wall, ceiling or mounted on a tripod. LUMiO 12x captures crystal-clear HD video at 60 fps and outputs in DVI-I, HDMI and 3G-SDI video formats.

LUMiO 12x captures the finest of details with its 12x optical zoom capability and offers true video capture flexibility with its 72.5° wide angle view and 6.3° zoom angle view.

The included remote control syncs with up to 4 different LUMiO 12x cameras and allows you to operate the pan/tilt movements and zoom/focus setting adjustments of your LUMiO 12x from a distance. You can save up to 128 unique pan, tilt and zoom settings to specific presets on your remote control and apply each preset to your LUMiO 12x with the press of a button.

Connect up to 4 LUMiO 12x cameras to a capture appliance, such as Epiphan's all-in-one live production mixer, Pearl, to create custom, multi-camera layouts and switch between layouts while streaming and recording for a dynamic, engaging and high-definition video capture experience!