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The remote control

Your LUMiO 12x purchase includes an infrared (IR) remote control (powered by 2 AAA batteries sold separately) that allows you to control your LUMiO 12x from a distance.

Using the remote control, you can:

  • Power on and off your LUMiO 12x
  • Pair up to 4 different LUMiO 12x cameras to one remote
  • Set, apply and clear presets
  • Manually adjust focus or enable/disable automatic focus settings
  • Manually adjust zoom settings
  • Adjust pan/tilt settings
  • Specify brightness and enable/disable backlight compensation
  • Switch between different video format outputs

Using your LUMiO 12x in environments with heavy infrared interference (i.e. camera placed on a screen that has an infrared touch screen technology) can cause the remote control to malfunction.

Ensure both AAA batteries touch the battery terminals within the remote control (loosely-placed batteries will fail to provide power).

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