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Front, back and bottom views

In the front, your LUMiO 12x has its camera lens, the camera base, the IR receiver panel and the power indicator light. The rear panel features a series of output ports and a power input port, and the bottom of your LUMiO 12x has a dial switch and a few mounting installation holes. See below for a complete list of LUMiO 12x's physical features.

LUMiO 12x front view descriptions

1Camera lensCaptures video content.
2Camera baseSupports and balances the weight of the camera.
3Indicator light

Displays a colored light to indicate the status of your LUMiO 12x and its response to commands from the remote control.

Blue light (solid): LUMiO 12x is powered on.

Red light (flashing continuously): LUMiO 12x is receiving commands from the remote control.

Purple light (one quick flash): A setting or mode is changed via the remote control.

4IR receiver panelReceives signals from the remote control.

LUMiO 12x back view descriptions

5VISCA IN/OUT (RS-232) portsRS-232 serial port connections. Allows issuing of RS-232 commands using VISCA/PELCO-D/PELCO-P protocols.
6CVBS output portNot supported.
73G-SDI output portOutputs SDI video signals from LUMiO 12x (3G-SDI cable not included with purchase).


DVI-I (HDMI) output portOutputs DVI-I video signals (and HDMI with adapter) from LUMiO 12x (cable/adapter not included with purchase).
912V DC power input portConnects to the power supply to provide power to your LUMiO 12x.
10Power indicator lightDisplays a red light to indicate your LUMiO 12x is plugged in and receiving power.






LUMiO 12x bottom view descriptions

11Rubber pads (x4)Lightly adheres to most flat surfaces to ensure your LUMiO 12x stays in place.
12DIP switchUnused.
13Tripod mount holeTripod mounting connection point (accepts a 1/4"-20 UNC bolt).
14Additional mount holesConnection points for tripod alignment pins.