Connect to a Microsoft Teams meeting

Once you have set up a Microsoft Teams subscription and set up your Microsoft Teams connection, you are ready to connect to a meeting.

  1. Click Epiphan Connect in the navigation pane.
  2. If you have subscribed to Epiphan Connect there will be a button labeled +New Meeting. Click +New Meeting and a window will pop up.
  3. There will be two options in this window; Create a new meeting will create a new Microsoft Teams meeting within Epiphan Connect, and Connect to a meeting will allow Epiphan Connect to join an existing Microsoft Teams meeting.
    1. If you haven't yet set up a Microsoft Teams subscription or set up your Microsoft Teams connection, click Create a new meeting and follow the instructions:
      • Enter the name of your meeting.
    2. If you have configured your Microsoft Teams connection and have a meeting ready click Connect to a meeting:
  4. Click Start Connect. For Epiphan Connect to join the Microsoft Teams meeting that was created in Step 3a above, you will now need to choose your Audio mode, refer to Step 3b. If you clicked Connect to a meeting Epiphan Connect will have already started connecting automatically. Once the Status displays Running, Epiphan Connect is now connected to the Microsoft Teams meeting. It can sometimes take as long as five minutes to reach Running status; please take that into consideration when planning to join a meeting.
  5. Within the Microsoft Teams meeting a new member should appear, Epiphan Connect.
    • In the Epiphan Connect interface you should see a list of all participants already in the meeting and their names.
    • Please be aware that it is possible for certain participants, such as the host, to remove Epiphan Connect from the meeting; doing so will disconnect Epiphan Connect from the meeting, and all streams from the meeting will be stopped.

Further Considerations

  • There is no limit to the number of Microsoft Teams meetings you can join using Epiphan Connect.

  • Microsoft Teams meetings created within Epiphan Connect will only be available for 45 days.