Audio modes

There are two types of audio you can use when managing a meeting in Epiphan Connect: Isolated audio and Mixed audio. Audio choice must be selected before joining the meeting and cannot be changed once Epiphan Connect has joined the meeting.


Isolated Audio means that each extracted meeting participant will have their own dedicated audio channel.

This means that each extracted meeting participant will have only their own audio in the extraction. This mode is ideal if you want to have fine control over which participants' audio you want to extract from the meeting. However, this means that you also need to be mindful of which participants you extract. For example, if participants A and B are having a conversation, and you only extract participant A or forget to include participant B's audio in your production software, your produced stream will only have what participant A is saying.


Mixed audio means that there will only be a single audio track containing mixed audio from all participants in the meeting.

This means that each extracted meeting participant will have the same audio track containing the entire audio from the meeting. This is the same audio you would hear inside the meeting. This mode allows you to work with a simpler audio configuration in exchange for less control over what audio is extracted from the meeting. Given that all extractions have the same audio in this mode, we recommend you enable the audio for only one of the extracted participants to avoid "echo" in the produced stream.