Capture Exact Data



I need to capture data from a 1280x1024 DVI output of a PC. The captured data needs to be exact. I use an 4K and found the data it captured is off slightly. My project does not allow any single bit altered. I wonder how to configure or what software to use.

Here is the setup which tell me the captured data is altered. I have a video signal generator which produce a set of greyscale tiles. Each tile has a same RGB values. The video source is verified by other capture devices to have R=G=B in every tile. However, if I use VLC with my 4K to take a snapshot, RGB values not always the same. The differences are between 0-3 out of 256 scales. How this happens? What can I do to get exact data in the video? Thank you.


It’s possible the AVio series capture card may not fit this particular use case unfortunately, as they do not capture lossless or uncompressed RGB video. All AVio capture cards do subsampling at YUY2 or NV12/I420 when capturing video content. As subsampling occurs, this can cause a shift in value in third-party applications. This product line does not have a proprietary software application for capture as it is a UVC standard device. This would mean it acts in the same manner as a webcam and it can be used in any software application that supports UVC.
You can learn more about the capture information on technical specifications page of the AVio 4K device

For true RGB24 capture that allows for pixel-per-pixel accuracy you would need to consider our DVI2USB 3.0 or DVI2PCIe DUO which use our own custom drivers and software for lossless, uncompressed, full RGB24 colour space capture


Thank you for the response. It explains what I encountered.