Upgrade from DVI2USB to AV.io with Epiphan Capture Tool software


Hi there
We have around 200 DVI2USB grabbers
We would like to use AV.io now.
But we want to keep the Epiphan Capture Tool software.
We use software to create data packets of 25 MB and to define the frame rate
So how do you connect Av.io HD DVI with Epiphan Capture Tool software.
Reto, Swiss Federal Railways SBB


The Epiphan Capture Tool is only compatible with the DVI2USB series and other related products. It won’t work with the AV.io series unfortunately. The AV.io series however can be used by most any capturing software as it conforms to the UVC (USB Video Class) standard which is the same used by devices like Webcams, USB audio interfaces etc. Some of the more popular free capturing apps include OBS and VLC.


Thanks for your answer. - a pity
Are there alternatives to DVI2USB that work with the software capture tool?
You have to be digital. DVI or HDMI and 1920X1200


Yes, there is the DVI2USB 3.0: https://www.epiphan.com/products/dvi2usb-3-0/

It has better technical specs than the AV.io HD and will work with the Capture Tool.

If you’re looking for an internal card as opposed to external, there’s also the DVI2PCIe Duo: https://www.epiphan.com/products/dvi2pcie-duo/