Problems with split picture using Zoom etc


I am using an AV.iO HD into a Sony A5100 and I’m getting a split picture when using as a web source for any web based apps - does anyone know how to correct this? See example pic output below - it’s very frustrating.


I just answered the email you sent, but I will reply here too in case you see this first!

I would recommend trying the firmware update for the HD to see if this helps. You can download the config tool and the firmware file from the Software page here: You will need to extract the config tool zip file, then go into this new folder and run the executable for the tool. Here you can click on the listed HD, click on the folder icon, navigate to where you downloaded the firmware file, select it and apply the firmware. Once this says it has succeeded please unplug the HD from the computer’s USB port, then plug it back in and test this again.


Yes, that has done the trick.

Thank you



Hi Adam,

Yes it seems to have done the trick.

Thank you.