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AV.io HD has no drivers to install? How does it work then?

AV.io HD is a UVC-based capture device. The supported operating systems that work with AV.io HD already have the drivers required to run UVC hardware, meaning there is no software for you to install and configure!

Since AV.io HD has no driver software, what do I need in order to capture video content?

To capture video content with AV.io HD, you will need a software application that works with UVC hardware. Some such applications are native to certain operating systems, while most others need to be downloaded and installed from a third-party source.

Are there any configuration options at all with AV.io HD?

Available through the Downloads page, AV.io Config allows users several basic configuration options. Users can enable/disable special capture frame sizes, aspect ratio preservation and a power-saving performance mode; and apply firmware updates to their AV.io HD device.

Can I capture HDMI with AV.io HD?

Absolutely! You may capture both video and audio from an HDMI signal using a HDMI-DVI converter cable, included in the box. Note that AV.io HD cannot capture a protected or encrypted HDMI signal.

Can I capture VGA with AV.io HD?

Yes, you can capture video from a VGA source using the VGA to DVI cable provided with your AV.io HD purchase.

Can AV.io HD save captured signals as a movie?

AV.io HD cannot save captured video as a movie on its own, but compatible third-party video capture applications may have the ability to do so.

What interface is needed for AV.io HD?

AV.io HD is compatible with both a USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) and a USB 2.0 USB interface. Note that capture performance via USB 2.0 can be reduced.

How can I verify whether my system has USB 3.0?

USB 3.0, also known as SuperSpeed, comes standard on all computers manufactured after 2011. Check with your computer or motherboard manufacturer to verify that USB 3.0 is present on your system.

How many frames per second can Av.IO HD capture?

AV.io HD can capture at 60 fps at any resolution up to 1080p unless the application specifies a different frame rate.

Does AV.io HD reduce the resolution of the images it captures to transfer to the computer?

That depends! For example, the source input resolution is smaller or larger than the output resolution selected by the third-party application in use, then capture resolution will be affected accordingly.

Does AV.io HD work with operating systems not listed in the technical specifications?

AV.io HD is designed to work with all UVC-friendly operating systems, specifically Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac (x10.10 and up) and Linux (kernal 3.5.0 or higher). Unfortunately, operating systems not listed have poor support or no support at all for USB 3.0 and UVC-based capture hardware.

Can I use different video sources with AV.io HD while maintaining the same capture signal?

Yes, changing video sources will not negatively impact the capture signal.

The video output resolution that I want is not listed in the list of supported modes for AV.io HD. Can AV.io HD capture at this custom resolution?

Yes. By default, AV.io HD adds the exact resolution of your input signal to the list of supported output resolutions and will capture video at this special resolution if possible. However, the capture resolution as dictated by the third-party application will override any AV.io HD custom capture settings.

Can I connect more than one AV.io HD device to the same computer?

You can connect up to 4 AV.io HD devices to the same computer, however the capture rate (fps) will suffer with simultaneous video capture.

Does AV.io HD use frame compression when capturing video content?

No, AV.io HD uses uncompressed video format.

Does AV.io HD support other inputs such as DisplayPort and Thunderbolt?

Yes. AV.io HD can capture unencrypted images and video from DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt outputs. In order to capture video from these formats, the appropriate converter cable must be purchased separately. Epiphan does not guarantee results when using third party cables.

Will AV.io HD have firmware updates?

AV.io HD will have occasional firmware updates. Customers who have registered their AV.io HD will be notified via e-mail of any new firmware upgrades. The product registration page can be found here.

Does AV.io HD have any capture delay?

AV.io HD has near-zero latency. However, third-party applications may cause additional capture delay.

Help! My image appears reversed in my capture application!

This is just a visual quirk – image mirroring happens with most UVC-friendly applications. But don’t worry! All captured video content will appear correctly despite appearing reversed in your application!

There are black bars on either side of my captured video content! How do I get rid of these?

By default, AV.io HD preserves the aspect ratio of your input signal by adding black bars to the sides or top and bottom of the frame if the application using the signal requests a frame size with a different aspect ratio. This aspect ratio preservation option can be disabled by using the AV.io Config tool found on the Downloads page.


These downloads give you access to the latest developments for your device. You can load this firmware onto your device using the AV.io Config tool. You can learn the full process for updating Firmware in our user guide.

AV.io HD

AV.io HD firmware
Operating system: All

Download version 4.0.0


Configuration tool

For most uses of AV.io HD, the configuration tool is not required. However, it is necessary for installing new firmware, and for advanced usages such as creating custom resolutions.


AV.io Configuration Tool. When installing on Windows 10, you may need to right-click the file and choose Run as administrator.
Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8/8.1 64-bit

Download version 4.0.0

*For Windows 7 64-bit, please use this version of the configuration tool.

Mac OS X

AV.io configuration tool
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.13

Download version 3.1.0


AV.io configuration tool
Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit and similar

Download version 4.0.0