List of cameras that play nice with Webcaster X2



I’ve been compiling a list of popular cameras with information on whether they output a clean, progressive HDMI signal for Webcaster X2. Hopefully this is useful:

I’ll try to keep this doc up-to-date for everyone. If there are cameras you’ve used that aren’t listed here, or you find incorrect details please post to this thread and I will continue to update the doc.



The SONY NX5U works with the Webcaster X2 HDMI input if you change the camera output setting to 720P-30. By default the camera output is 1080i. The Logitech PTZ Pro 2 works with the (Beta) USB input setting of the Webcaster. The spreadsheet should reflect which input port is used with the Webcaster.


Thanks rverwij, added them to the list. I believe in all cases when using a USB camera, the port next to ‘HDMI IN’ is the one you want to use.


I can also confirm Panasonic VXF990 playing just fine, with the internal mic :slight_smile:

1080p imput, 720p output to FB, 1080p output to YT. No relevant issues so far :slight_smile:


recieved my webcaster 2 today and tested a panansonic hc - v180 with a clean hdmi output

also tried a second web cam for the usb C930e webcam seems to work all though in beta cant wait to use it for what is intended a few glitches but seems to work ok… great product by the way ,


I’m using a Panasonic HC-V770, UK spec, with good results. Have to remember to clean the external HDMI display, but once done stays done.


does canon sl2 camera work with the webcaster x2?


Unfortunately all Rebel series cameras from canon output an unsupported interlaced video signal. You would need an adapter in between the DSLR and the Webcaster X2 to convert the interlaced signal to a supported 720P or 1080P signal type.

Quite a few X2 users have mentioned using this adapter successfully


Hi guys, Webcaster x2 works a treat with the Panasonic HC-MDH2 and the newest model the Panasonic HC-MDH3E both sending out progressive streams at 1080-60 and 720-60, these have been used out in the country using the Anker Powercore 20100 to power the Webcaster x2 and my mobile phone with 30gb Hotspot, these have not let me down yet, so very pleased so far, When are Facebook going to realise that 720 res ain’t good enough these days with 1080 and the new 4k being pretty standard , so come on Facebook mod up guys.


Facebook already knows :slight_smile:
They are working on it and have some trials for hand picked creators to use 1080.
The FB Live system is a bit more complex behind the scenes then it might seem, partly because the vast majority of users/viewers are mobile.
So for now they transcode everything on FB Live, at some point they will likely allow for a non transcoded streams in 1080.
I can assure you that if we have the chance to get WCx2 on a 1080 list, we will jump on it!


Since posting my first post to this forum, I’ve added a tray that connects to my tripod when using the Webcaster x2, this tray holds the Webcaster plus the 20100 power pack plus my mobile Hotspot with 30gb of data, these work a treat, just adding two pics showing how it works guys.


A larger pic of the above tray for the Webcaster x2.


Sweet looking setup Mansel.


I don’t see a LUMiO 12x camera on the list? Is that compatible? Are there other PTZ type cameras with lots of optical zoom that are compatible? (I did not see any PTZ cameras on the list.)


The Lumio and many PTZ cameras are compatible, just not typically what people are looking to use with the Webcaster X2.
One of the reasons why is that the Lumio does not have any audio, so the Webcaster would need to use a USB audio source or some kind of HDMI audio inserter along the way.
Same general rules apply, if the camera can output 720p or 1080p, it should work great! PTZ cameras have an advantage of having multiple modes and rarely do I see current models without 720p/1080p.


Thanks @GeorgeHerbert I am leaning to the PT30X-SDI-WH-G2 from PTZ optics. Mainly because it has 30x optical zoom, unlike the 12x on the Lumio. It also has a 3.5mm audio input, solving the audio problem you referenced. And it is only $500 more than the Lumio.


which camera you are using??


Using the Panasonic HC-MDH3E does the job for me, but a bit on the overkill with it’s size considering that it records to SD cards, there’s a lot of empty space inside this large camcorder.


Just tested the Panasonic V777. It works nice. The v770 is almost the same model so it should also be working. In menu/setting on the camera you can remove any overlay in the picture.


Does anyone know if the Zoom Q4 or Q8 Handy Video Recorder will work with the webcaster X2?