List of cameras that play nice with Webcaster X2

Here’s a list of popular cameras, tested by Epiphan and the community, with information about Webcaster X2 compatibility, audio inputs and other primary camera specs:

Together with the community, we’ve tested many cameras that work great with Webcaster X2. But some cameras aren’t compatible. The most common issues we see:

  1. Cameras that output an interlaced signal over HDMI will not work. Webcaster X2 requires a progressive signal (eg: 1080p, 720p). 1080i signals will not work. The fact that a camera records 1080p or 720p does not guarantee that it actually outputs a progressive signal over HDMI. For example, the Canon C100 mki records 1080p but it’s HDMI output is interlaced, so it won’t work (C100 mkii solved this). The Canon C300 mki can record 1080p, but it outputs 1080i over HDMI. You have to change the recording mode to 720p and then it will output 720p over HDMI, which is compatible.

  2. Some cameras don’t actually output live audio over HDMI (eg. Canon Rebel T6i). In these cases it may be possible to bring your audio into Webcaster X2 over USB using an external audio device, but using HDMI audio from your camera is much more ideal.

  3. Some cameras don’t output a clean signal. For example, the menu overlays are present (eg. older DSLRs like Canon 5D mkii)

  4. Some cameras don’t output a live signal at all. They only output HDMI during playback of recorded clips (typical of some older camcorders).


I can confirm
Panasonic GH5
Panasonic GX80/85

I use the JVC GY-HM170U, which is a pretty decent prosumer 4K camera.

The key to this camera (and others) is to set recording to progressive. By default, it does interlaced recording and the recording settings are mirrored to the HDMI output.

I’ve had similar experiences with other cameras too.

Well I just found out my Zoom Q2n no longer works on the new firmware. I know that George told me that they got one in house to test. Meanwhile I bought a used Gopro 3+. I am really interested in that new sony Video camera that’s coming out the RX0. nice and small , can be powered by USB and has HDMI out and 3.5 mm audio jack. It’s kind of expensive at $700.00 bucks us, but looks sturdy enough not to break and the best part is that it has a one inch sensor.

If you email they should be able to get you a firmware that will allow Q2n to work. The information that I have is that some EDID settings in the new firmware were tweaked to expand compatibility with more cameras, but the byproduct is that a very few select cameras will need another firmware version.

As for the RX0, nice! IMO, the biggest downside to using action cameras is their indoor performance in low lighting conditions, and the RX0 should solve that. The only other thing I dislike about compact cameras is that they require a 3.5mm audio input, whereas I prefer to use XLR for all my audio cable runs. That said, can always take 3.5mm out of the audio mixer I’ve got here.

George has been working with me. He says they’ll solve it. for some reason its coming up 720 even though the setting is on 1080p 30 strange. As far as XLR I agree with you 100% What I have is a tascam DR 60D MK II. I go out of the Tascam into that monoprice HDMI audio inserter or when I’m using a battery I go Tascam to Gopro external mic adapter as I haven’t been able to get the Audio inserter to work with a battery, plus I only have three ports for the USB battery, Webcaster x2/Gopro/Tascam work without issue on the battery. The tascam power’s the Microphone. The preamps in the Tascam are pretty good except for the stepping knob, but once it’s set your good. You know this is all about getting something to work that doesn’t break the bank and is reliable. So far the Webcaster has been all that. Very impressed. I get great comments from folks who watch the stream, so that’s a win, win in my book…:wink:

I just had a customer using a Canon XF100 with a Webcaster X2, it seems that the XF100 only outputs 1080i on HDMI, despite having multiple 1080p recording modes.
In order to use it with the Webcaster, it must be set to 720p. Not ideal unless your only goal is 720 for the stream.

thanks canon

Ciao a tutti Ho appena acquistato una panasonic dc fz82 ho fatto diversi test ma non ho segnale hdmi e cosi’ anche per una sony dx400 Non soquale fotocamera acquistare. Chi puo’ aiutarmi?

We have not tested the FZ82, so I cannot say if it has a live/clean HDMI output. I can see in the Manual for the FZ82 it has a number of settings for both Recording mode and HDMI output. Make sure both of these settings are in 1080p60.

As for the Sony, do you mean the HX400? If so, the same as the FZ82, we have not tested it but it has the same settings I mentioned above for both Recording mode and HDMI output. Check that they are both in 1080p60 mode.

As a backup, try settings both Recording and HDMI output modes to 720p60. Also, try connecting directly to a TV and confirm it does offer a Live, Clean, HDMI output with Audio in 1080p or 720p. If this is true on a TV, it should work the same way on the Webcaster.

Ciao Franco, non abbiamo fatto test col FZ82, quindi non posso dire con certezza se va funzionare perfettamente il segnale HDMI. Vedo che nel manuale utente è scritto che ci siano opzioni diversi sia per la modalità di registrazione che l’uscita HDMI. Si assicuri che entrambi sono impostati su 1080p60.

Come per la Sony, vuole dire la HX400? Se è così, abbiamo lo stesso caso come la FZ82. Non abbiamo fatto test però sarebbe migliore di assicurarsi che le impostazioni sono impostate sulla modalità 1080p60.

Come backup, provi d’impostare le modalità su 720p60. Anche può provar collegarla direttamente a una TV e confermare che offre un’uscita HDMI dal vivo e chiara in 1080p o 720p. Se è così sulla TV, deve funzionare lo stesso sul Webcaster.


At 1080p:
Canon C300 mark ii would work great
Sony PXW-X70
5d mark iv
1dx mar ii (with latest firmware for webcaster)

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I have several and will list them as I put them through there trials.
Sony HXR-MC2500- Facebook Live.


We just did a Live@Epiphan Show around this topic. We talked about all the factors that help in determining best cameras for Webcaster X2.

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Wendell from Level1Techs recommends the Panasonic Lumix G7 in his Webcaster X2 review. He says it produces unbelievable 1080p image quality, great for the price.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

Level1Techs Webcaster X2 Review:

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Well I just bought a Panasonic G85 which is the next version of the G7, it should be here on Thursday, I’m hoping it looks a lot better than the Gopro that I am using. For the record I know it will…

I’m sure it will look better, but I’ve seen some pretty crazy GoPro setups with great optics on them and impressive video quality!

Check out Back-Bone:

These also play nice:
Sony PXW-FS5
Sony PXW-X70
Sony A7R II
Sony RX10-IV
Logitech C920 usb
Convergent Design Odyessy 7Q+, Apollo,
Convergent Design Titan Switcher/Recorder
Convergent Design Apollo Switcher/Recorder

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Steve with the motherload! Thanks Steve.

Any luck with your G85 Scott?

Yeah it works great! I had only one problem, actually make that two problems. One I need a wider lens a 7-14 mm or 8 to 18mm would do great and the other thing is that WI-fi sucks… I wish we could jack into the bars router when we play there. Were always at the mercy of where we play on whether we are going to get good wi-fi or not. whenever the webcaster x2 gets good wi-fi it’s magic. You know for a medium range camera that has a lot of bells and whistles you can’t beat it at its price level. I have a bunch of Nikon lenses and I got an Adapter this past week, and I have been playing with my 50mm 1.8 lens, oh my gosh. This thing has Bokeh for days… Very beautiful video comes out of the G85 with that lens. With peaking turned on the camera a manual lens works like wonders. Amazing technology we have these days.

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