List of cameras that play nice with Webcaster X2



Happy to report that the Webcaster X2 works with a 39’ USB extension cable and a Logitech C270 webcam. Cable is Pearstone 39’ USB 2.0 Extension Cable with Booster. I clipped a cell phone telephoto lens to it. At 12x I had to actually use the cable to move the camera AWAY from the scoreboard. Bought an 8x clip on telephoto lens, which should make my need for a usb extension cable significantly less. Well, I’ve got it if I need it.
I know there are a lot of pros here, but want to share my experience with other low budget amateurs like me!


I have a Sony CDR PJ200… The box says 1080 FULL HD camera, but you can also read inside the manual that it records at 1080/60i… I connected the camera to a Sony TV via HDMI and it says that the camera its sending a 1080p signa. Will this work or any other camera like it (records at 1080p but sends 1080p signal)?


The only thing that matters to the Webcaster X2 is the incoming HDMI signal. If this is 720p or 1080p then it will work! Also worth testing on the TV is to make sure it can output live video (not just pre-recorded) that is clean (without menus showing) and embeds audio in the HDMI signal.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what a camera will output, not always listed in the specs or manual, which is why this forum post exists. If you do end up getting the Webcaster X2 please let us know how it works with your camera!


Im waiting form my Webcaster x2 to come in the mail today. I hooked the Sony HDR PJ200 camera to the TV and the HDMI is Clean and says its 1080p. The only problem comes when you use face detection or follow subject and a square comes up on the HDMI output signal and the control screen. So I have to disable it.


My cameras work well
Canon XA30,
Nikon D850,
Nikon D810
Nikon D800


I can confirm:
Sony HDR PJ200

Got it brand new in an Outlet Store for 100dlls.

Says it records 1080/60i but in the settings you can set it to HDMI output in 1080p and 720p
Clean HDMI except when you pin out a subjet or activate smile detection, you get a floating white square…I just disable it and the autofocus is fine. (Great for 100 dlls) And maybe you can get the same deal with many other models since you are only using 1080p.

No external sound on the camcorder but I solved this with a (7 dlls on AMAZON… yes seven US dolars) USB Audio Stereo Adapter SABRENT AU-MMSA. (Also posted my experience with it.) Just choose on “Settings” that you want to use the USB AUDIO Source as the Input in the “Sound options” menu.


Cannon Vixia HF R800 seems to work fine, though with it connected to HDMI, and a Logitech C920 connected at 720P, pressing TAB to switch is very laggy - as in I press the key and the switch occurs maybe 2 seconds later. Anyone seen that sort of behavior?


Have you had any trouble with the length of your live video using the D810. I ask since you can only record 20 min intervals of video using the D810 and I wasnt sure if this would limit how long you could stream for.


As long as you camera doesnt shut off by its self because of ‘overheating protection’ or ‘mirror shutter or sensor protection’ its fine. You can connect your D810 to a TV and check for 1080p output, clean hdmi and if it shuts off by its self.


I’ve tested the following with good results;

Canon 7DMkII
Sony RX-100MkIV

Both provide sound through HDMI to the Webcaster X2
The 7DMkII has a microphone in port, that you can plug into for external audio. That sound will then pass to the Webcaster X2 through HDMI.

I’ve also tested the original Canon EOS-M and it does not work the HDMI out has a weird frame and the signal is not accepted by the Webcaster X2.


Both devices:

Canon 7DMkII
Sony RX-100MkIV

Also output clean HDMI, no menus or recording red dots onscreen.


Anyone used an older Panasonic HC-V500 (not the M version) which you says its 1080p output but doesnt say the frame rate?

Its one of those AVCHD Progressive things, but while the manual mentions 60 frames, the camera settings only ever say 50 frames.



If the recording settings only offer 25/50 fps options, it is probably a PAL locked camera and the HDMI is most likely interlaced and not progressive. If that is the case, and does not have an option for 720p, it would not be compatible with Webcaster X2.


In case anyone is interested in a little more comprehensive list of cameras, here is an excel sheet we have compiled.


I can confirm the Canon Vixia HF R800 works. I’ve also tested the 3.5mm mic input with a simple xlr --> 3.5 cable, and a handheld dynamic vocal mic. Seems to have lots of gain, and is fully adjustable from the touch panel.


Hi George, question about the spreadsheet: what do the "*"s mean?

Also, In testing the Logitech C920, I found there were frame drops at 1080p, and not for 720p. I think you guys have indicated that USB cameras are supported only at 720p.


Just so you know the the Logitech C922 works without issue as well. It makes sense that it would because it is the brother of the C920. I just thought you would like to add it to the spreadsheet.


The list has been updated.
RMH, The " * " indicates a special note. In this updated version we have added the note, generally indicates that we have not internally tested the camera but that it has been externally reported as working.


Any information on the Sony FDR AX33 or others in this series?


Hi @Michael_Slade

Haven’t tested this camera but looks like it is capable of outputting 1080P over HDMI. However, some users on the Sony forum are saying the FDR AX100 (bigger brother camera, but similar) can’t use the HDMI out port while simultaneously recording in 4K. You may have to switch to 1080P recording if you want to use the HDMI out port simultaneously…