List of cameras that play nice with Webcaster X2



We have tested the Zoom Q2 successfully. It required adjusting the EDID settings on Webcaster X2 under Preferences to ensure it’s set to the “progressive only” option. We have not personally tried Q4 or Q8, but we have had a couple of users comment using those cameras so it shouldnt be a problem!



Tested with:
HDMI: Panasonic HC X-1000 4K ? Work perfect.
USB: Logitech C270 = Not working ?? (I use the USB on the same side as the HDMI IN :-))


I have a Panasonic AG-8C, it doesn’t output the streaming video via HDMI so I use a composite A/V to HDMI convertor. I found that with both audio channels hooked up it will not broadcast. Remove one channel of the audio and everything works fine.


Can you tell me which telephoto lens you bought? I have c920 and the clip on the telephoto lens I bought won’t fit over the webcam.


There is a photo of it in the Topic “Scoreboard Overlay”. There are no other identifying marks on the lens other than what is visible in the photo. Sorry, I threw the box away months ago. Bought it at Walmart, Target or Best Buy. Nothing fancy. May have been a clearance item.


Hallo, there is a list on the Elgato Cam Link web site which, I assume, could be applied for Webcaster X2 as well:

I am still looking for the best price / performance for a camera to livestream.

Did somebody try the (hacked) Panasonic Lumix GH2 or any Canon Magic Lantern hacked cameras and can report?

Kind regards



Webcaster X2 only supports Progressive signals from camera sources at 720p or 1080p. The list of cameras on the Elgato cam-link are not necessarily compatible unfortunately. As an example, all of the listed Canon DSLRs are interlaced so they are not natively compatible.


Please can you update the list of camera that X2 support ?. The last updated list I could get is 7/24/18.
I would suggest if it is updated monthly. Thanks


Canon T21 - No (Interlaced HDMI)
Sony TD10/20/30 - Yes = confirmed


I see there is a huge cumulated knowledge here so may I ask if anybody can recommend the lowest cost solution for capturing a meetup like lecture to Webcaster X2?
Can be an independent camera and mike solution preferably a wireless lapel mike but not mandatory. We need to be cost-effective and lack experience.


One of our viewers had this to add for our compatible camera list

“I can confirm that a Sony TD-10 Camcorder works just fine with X2 but my Cannon T2i does not work (like the T6i that you show in the camera list).”


does a Sony a5100 work? how do I find an audio interface/recorder that is supported via usb? if I use one of the usb ports for audio, can i use a hub for keyboard and mouse?


From what I can see online the a5100 should work certainly. It seems to output clean 1080p via its micro HDMI port. For a USB audio interface, @Arturo_Salcido mentioned the “AU-MMSA USB SABRENT SOUND ADAPTER” as working well.


The Sabrent USB Audio adapter works perfectly but I could easily guess others like it would also work. If they are less than 10 dlls worth is easy to try them out. Please post if you find other USB Audio adapter that work, its good to have available options. I haven’t tried using a USB Hub on the Webcaster X2.


how about one with rca inputs? I want to stream my dj gigs. what should I search if I’m looking for better in/out? uac?


Thank you. Today i gone to see camera for streamming and remember your explanation about HDMI profressive


With an update to the extensive list of cameras for vlogging. Thought i might add few. GoPro Hero 5 being my favorite


This is interesting. I just purchased an X2 hoping to use my Canon T3i (before reading).

If I have both

  1. the Sewell Upscaler/Downscaler and

  2. the Blackbird Audio Inserter,

do you think I can get my T3i streaming through X2?

This combo is cheaper than buying a new (or used) camera (DSLR or mirrorless) just for webcasting. (Though if I’m going to buy, I’ll probably get the Panasonic Lumix G7, which is on the X2 “compatible” list.)

And for the rest of you with T3i’s, the El Gato Camlink also does not work with T3i; see the list of compatible Camlink cameras.

(BTW, this message board only lets you post at most two hyperlinks if you’re a new user like me. Sorry to make you google.)


You can certainly get your setup working the the Sewell Echo V2 upscaler and the audio inserter! We have a few customers utilizing a similar setup with the rebel series DSLR cameras. It should not be an issue.


Will it work with Canon EOS R camera ?