Feature requests Webcaster X2



What are your feature requests for the Webcaster X2?

  1. Switching between HDMI camera and webcam with the mouse. No need to bring a keyboard for tapping the space bar.


I’m not sure if the space bar works anymore with the latest firmware.

I would like A keyboard shortcut to start and stop the Stream. As my Webcaster will be across the stage and all I’ll have is my wireless keyboard/mouse


I just checked and space bar does work to start/stop the stream with the latest firmware.

Also using a wireless keyboard here. I prefer the $20 Rii mini i8+, just make sure you get the version with the dongle and not the bluetooth version, works perfectly with Webcaster.

BTW, you can press “m” to turn the USB camera on/off.

If you press “6” on the keyboard you will go to a view with just one camera, the other number buttons reveal the rest of the layouts. Pressing the “tab” button switches between the cameras.


Ha, your right! cool!!! Dan said they were going to implement it. I was using spacebar before to switch between cameras in the old firmware. Thanks for the info!!! now to let my guy know, to not use spacebar to change cameras otherwise he will be turning off and on the stream instead.lol


Yeah, spacebar to start/stop and Tab to switch is more intuitive than using space bar to switch! Glad I could be of help!


You know would be really cool, if there was some kind of internet speed test that I could click on, so I can see what my upload speed would be. I use mainly wireless as I am playing bars and I have no clue where their network is setup. a little button on the top that says check speed would give me some indication of what I’m working with. I have ran this off my hotspot off my iphone and it works really well, and most iphones have an app that you can download to do that, but sometimes I’m in some bars for the first time and being able to connect get the password off the menu and test would be a good thing.


Yep, we’ve gotten that request before but I don’t believe it’s too high on the list of priorities at this moment.

For now the best solution is to do a speed test from your phone.

Keep in mind that, with LTE networks, upload speed can vary on many factors and can change abruptly (for example, if many people connect to the same tower), so it’s always a good idea to give yourself a bit of a buffer when determining streaming bitrate. I like to divide the speed test result in 2 and use that as my bitrate for the stream.


That’s good to know Victor. I’m doing my daughters wedding this Friday to an unlisted Youtube stream, for the folks in my family that can’t make it. I guess we’ll see if churches have sufficient Wi-fi, I know mine doesn’t. If not I guess I will pull out the Hotspot again. It would be nice to know how far you guy’s are dreaming about this Webcaster X2. I think it has a ton of possibilities. Like I have said else where if you create a movement around a device that everyone can afford, you will get a community of folks who will take it to places you never thought of. That’s what I’m hoping for…

I’ll keep requesting stuff, and hopefully some make it in…:wink:

I’m an Epiphan Fan!!!


So The wedding went great. And now I have a new request. So I was at the reception they had internet, but you had to go to a webpage to click on connect. No idea why they do this. ANyway so my request is.

Be able to go to a web page to click accept after you have connected to the WI-FI source. Hopefully that makes sense.


Happy to hear the event went well!

Your feature request makes perfect sense. We have had a couple of customers mention this before, and it is already on our list of feature requests. I don’t have a timeline at the moment, but hopefully we will see this is a future firmware update!


Hello, I would love to be able to access the config page from the web. Having an external monitor is not practical


Accept 60i, it’s a must on most cameras (like your C100)
audio won’t work if 24 bit is selected on C300 mark ii, that shouldn’t be a problem
would love to stream to youtube and Facebook at the same time
would love to put a graphic on it, i’m aware it’s not a switcher but a lower third or a bug would be greatly appreciated
having a way to put a full image on screen
i’m aware you’re working on this but saving the stream on a SD card is greatly appreciated
I agree on the web solution for monitoring


Thanks for the feedback!

For most usages the Webcaster X2 is designed to be able to work without needing an external screen attached. For basic usage you can stream out immediately to your Facebook Timeline or YouTube Stream Now. Alternatively you can configure advanced settings with a screen attached, then in actual usage not have the screen present.

Though of course a screen is nice to have! As a workaround for a large external monitor some customers are using small portable screens like the Bestview S7. There are lots of other options out there for inexpensive, small, portable screens that should do the job!


Thanks for all the comments! Unfortunately interlaced signal support seems to be a hardware limitation and not possible on the Webcaster X2.

As for multiple destination streaming or graphics overlay, I will mention these of course, but I suspect they may be beyond what the internal CPU on the Webcaster X2 can handle. For features like these you may want to look at upgrading to one of our full production systems like the Pearl or Pearl-2.


I have found that there is in fact program audio coming out of the Webcaster X2’s AV port. It would be really great to enable us a volume control as part of your software interface (settings). This audio is extremely important to verify proper clear audio is making it to the X2 through the “HDMI IN” connection.


Hi there, is there chance to get a feature to delay the audio against the video by 1,2, or more frames to resync them?


Streaming via RTMP. It’s lovely to connect direct to Facebook or Youtube easy, that’s the best feature of this device. But it could also work with more advanced users to connect to other streaming services by just using RTMP


Yeah, it would be nice to have an audio delay function. If I use the Webcaster with a video mixer and HDMI sources with external sound this would be a perfect solution.


Would love to use a USB audio device to feed analog audio into the X2 via the camera USB input. Is that currently possible? It seems like USB audio only supports the audio from a USB camera.


We are in the process of testing some UAC based audio devices for exactly this reason.
At the moment I have nothing to report, hopefully we will have some results to share soon.