5,6,5 color depth does not seem to be preserved with av.io 4k



So previously we captured images with the DVI2PCIe card and were able to capture 5,6,5 color depth of our device. Now when using the av.io 4k we are not able to see the same thing when processing the image captured. Any ideas for why this is happening?



This is expected behavior unfortunately, the tech specs on the AV.io series and the DVI2PCIe series are not the same:

AV.io 4K



Thank you for your help. Is this the same for the DVI2USB 3.0 as well? It looks like it captures 5,6,5 in video, but the frame rate lists 24 bit RGB.


The specs are mostly the same between the two, though there are some slight differences, you can view the full tech specs here: