Pair and unpair from Epiphan Cloud

To manage your Pearl-2 devices from the cloud or access the remote login feature, Pearl-2 must be paired to your Epiphan Cloud account.

Easily pair Pearl-2 directly from the Admin panel or add Pearl-2 as a new device in Epiphan Cloud using Pearl-2's device ID paring code. To manually pair Pearl-2 in Epiphan Cloud using Pearl-2's pairing code, see the Epiphan Cloud online user guide.

You can see if Pearl-2 is currently paired using the touch screen when you tap the Settings gear icon and select Epiphan Cloud from the second page of options. A pairing code displays if Epiphan Cloud access is enabled and the device is not paired. To enable Epiphan Cloud access, see Enable or disable Epiphan Cloud access.

You can unpair from Epiphan Cloud using the Admin panel or directly within Epiphan Cloud. Each time you unpair Pearl-2, the device ID pairing code changes value. When you pair Pearl-2 again, a new instance of the Pearl-2 with a different device ID is created in Epiphan Cloud.

If you unpair from Epiphan Cloud using the Admin panel, Pearl-2's status in Epiphan Cloud only changes to the offline state. To completely unpair Pearl-2 from Epiphan Cloud, you must use Epiphan Cloud to unpair your Pearl device.

Important considerations

  • Pearl-2's device entry in Epiphan Cloud permanently goes offline when you unpair. You must pair Pearl-2 again to use Epiphan Cloud to remotely manage or login to Pearl-2.
  • If you pair Pearl-2 again after you have successfully unpaired from Epiphan Cloud, a new device instance is created in Epiphan Cloud. The previous instance for Pearl-2 remains permanently offline, which you can delete at any time.

You can still access information about permanently offline device instances in Epiphan Cloud.

Pair and unpair Pearl-2 using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  2. From the Configuration menu, select Epiphan Cloud. The Epiphan Cloud status page opens. The pairing code device ID for Pearl-2 is shown, as well as a link to pair the device.
  3. Select Click to pair. The Epiphan Cloud login page opens in a new tab (
  4. Login to your existing Epiphan Cloud account or sign up for a free account.
  5. After you've logged in to Epiphan Cloud, your Pearl-2 automatically pairs to your default Epiphan Cloud team and the Device Details page opens in Epiphan Cloud. If you have multiple teams associated with your account, you're prompted to select a team.
  6. In the Admin panel, the status of Pearl-2 updates to paired on the Epiphan Cloud status page.
  7. To unpair Pearl-2 using the Admin panel, select Unpair on the Epiphan Cloud status page.

Get the pairing code for Pearl-2 using the touch screen

  1. Tap the gear icon to open the System settings screen. If the control icons aren't showing, tap anywhere on the touch screen.
  2. Tap the arrow icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to go to the second Settings screen.
  3. Tap Epiphan Cloud to open the Epiphan Cloud screen.
    1. If Pearl-2 is not currently paired to Epiphan Cloud, the pairing code displays on screen.
    2. If Pearl-2 is paired to Epiphan Cloud, the screen changes and displays the option to Unpair instead of the pairing code.