Connect to Admin panel

You can access the Admin panel several ways. The most common way is using an internet browser on a computer or tablet that's connected to the same local Ethernet network as Pearl-2. All you need is the IP address of the system, which you can get from the settings using Pearl-2's touch screen.

Another way to access the Admin panel is to remotely login over the Internet. An Epiphan Cloud Pro plan is required for remote login, see Remote login to the Admin panel and Epiphan Live.

To get the IP address of Pearl-2 using the touch screen and login to the Admin panel:

  1. Get the IP address of Pearl-2. Do one of the following:
    1. From a single channel view or grid view, tap the system settings (gears) icon, then tap System Status, or
    2. If your system doesn't have any channels showing, tap the touch screen anywhere to go to the system settings screen, then tap System Status.
  2. When you have the IP address of Pearl-2, enter the following into the address bar of your web browser to launch the Admin panel.
  3. http://<IP Address of Pearl-2>/admin

    If HTTPS is enabled on Pearl-2, replace http with https in the URL.

  4. Enter your user name and password when prompted. The administrative user name is admin. Initially, no password is set so you can leave that blank and click OK.
  5. We recommend setting an admin password for higher security, see User administration.

If you don't know the IP address, you can do one of the following:

For networks with DHCP, you can:

For networks without DHCP, you can: