Configure recording settings, file size and type

Recordings are saved as MP4 files by default. Each channel and recorder also has a file size limit set to 500 MB and the maximum file length set to 30 minutes by default.

When a recording reaches the file length of 30 minutes or 500 MB (whichever comes first), the system closes the current recording file and immediately opens a new one. No recorded data is lost.

Tip: If you don’t know what size to select, do some test recordings to get an idea of the file sizes you can expect. If you want to guarantee the recording lasts to a given time limit, select a file size that is far larger than you saw in your tests.

Important considerations

  • You cannot change the recording settings, file size, and type for channels used with Kaltura events.
  • The file recording type for a channel you are controlling and recording using Epiphan Cloud must be set to MP4 and the maximum file size supported is 500 MB.

The following table describes the recordings configuration settings.

Recordings Configuration Settings

Label Description / Options
Time limit Specifies the length of time the system waits before the recording file is saved and a new one is started (assuming the size limit has not yet been reached). Values range from 5 minutes to unlimited.
Size limit Specifies the maximum file size a recording can reach before it is saved and a new recording is started (assuming the time limit has not yet been reached). Values range from 50 MB to 64 GB.
File type

Specifies the recording file type. Select from AVI, MP4, MP4-Fragmented, MPEG-TS, or MOV. Choose MPEG-TS for UPnP playback.

  • AVI: Generally used for playback on Windows.
  • MP4: A progressive version of MP4. Select MP4 for the best compatibility with most video players and editors. Progressive MP4 files are initially recorded as MP4-Fragmented and are converted when the recording ends.

If power is lost while recording is in progress or during conversion, the files remain in fragmented MP4 format. You can run the file through ffmpeg or another transcoder to convert to the progressive format.

  • MP4-Fragmented: A newer MP4 format. Fixed 10 second intervals. Select MP4-Fragmented for the same file format as releases 3.15.x. Some applications, like Adobe Premiere Pro, don't yet support fragmented MP4.

There's no way to tell the difference between MP4 files and MP4-Fragmented files from the file name because both use the .mp4 extension.

  • MPEG-TS: Choose for UPnP playback. Does not support PCM audio encoding.
  • MOV: A progressive version of MOV. Generally used for playback on Mac OS. This type of MOV has the best compatibility with video players and editors.
Filename prefix

Specifies how the recordings are named. Recording files start with the given prefix followed by the date and time of the recording, which is set by the system. The channel or recorder name is used if no prefix is given. Allowed characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, , #, -, [], ().

Avoid using spaces in recording file names. Use underscores or hyphens to separate words instead.

Automatic file upload Select this if you want this channel or recorder to be part of any scheduled automatic uploads. See Automatic file transfers for information on automatic uploads.
Share via UPnP Select this if you want this channel or recorder to be available via UPnP. If global UPnP is not enabled when you select this option, a link appears to let you to fix it.
Single-touch control Record using Single Touch control

Change the recording configuration using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. Open the Recording page. Do one of the following:
    1. For a channel, select Recording from the Channels menu.
    2. For a recorder, select a recorder from the Recorders menu.
  2. Under Recorder Setup, select change. The recorder settings open.

  1. Change the default recording file settings.
    • Time limit: Select a value from 5 minutes to unlimited.
    • Size limit: Select a value from 50 MB to 64 GB.
    • File type: AVI, MPEG-TS, MOV, MP4, or MP4-Fragmented.
  1. (Optional) Enter a prefix for the recordings. All new recorded files for this channel or recorder will be prefixed using the text you enter.
  1. (Optional) Check the check box to exclude this channel or recorder from automatic file uploads, see Automatic file transfers.
  2. Click Apply.