Record using Single Touch control

  • Pearl-2's Single Touch recording and streaming control allows you to control your recording and streaming across any number of channels and recorders with one touch of the touch screen. Channels and recorders are enabled for one touch recording by default. For more information, see Single Touch streaming and recording control.
  • Control recording using Single Touch control

    1. Login to the Admin panel as admin or operator, see Connect to Admin panel.
    1. Configure your channels and recorders for One Touch control, see Specify channels and recorders for Single Touch recording.
    2. Tap the Single Touch control icon along the bottom of the touch screen to display the Single Touch control screen.

    If the Single Touch control icon is not visible on the touch screen, tap the screen once to activate the control icons. If the control icons are still not visible, they are disabled. See Configure the touch screen.

    1. From the Single Touch control screen, tap Start to begin recording and tap Stop to end recording.