Channel configuration

A channel lets you encode your video and audio sources so they can be live streamed and recorded. If you create multiple layouts for a channel using the custom layout editor, you can switch live between the layouts. Before using a channel, you should check the channel settings. You can fine-tune your channel to maximize the quality of your live streams, minimize the amount of bandwidth used, and ensure your video and audio encoding settings are optimized for your event. You can control exactly how the video is presented and streamed to shared destinations and multiple viewers.

If you're planning to do live switching with your channel, we recommend you set the frame size to a fixed size instead of using the default setting. The default setting automatically sets the channel frame size to match the frame size of the video source. Changing the frame size to a fixed value ensures that you don't experience any stream interruptions if the frame size of the video source changes, like when switching between different layouts that contain a single video source with different frame sizes.

Channel encoding settings may be automatically overwritten when using Pearl-2 with a Content Management System, see About Panopto recording and webcasting

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