Add or remove channel metadata

When you configure metadata for a channel, that metadata is embedded in all channel recordings and streams. You can specify the following metadata that the media player displays for your viewers:

  • title of the presentation
  • Author
  • copyright date or other labels such as proprietary information, preliminary etc.
  • additional comments about the broadcast, such as time of the broadcast, or change to the schedule

How metadata is displayed depends largely on the media player. For example VLC, stores the metadata in a media information file, while other media players scroll the text horizontally from right to left across the bottom of the media player window.

Use only alphanumeric and diacritic characters in metadata descriptions. The whole metadata string is refused if any special currency or mathematical symbol appears in the description. You must remove the offending characters before Pearl-2 will accept the description.

Add or remove channel meta data using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Channels menu, select the channel and click Metadata. The Metadata configuration page opens.
  2. Type information into the fields or modify existing content as needed, then click Apply.