What is the most interesting thing you've captured with AV.io?



Our AV.io capture cards are so versatile, that we have customers using them for video and audio capture in thousands of different use cases.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever captured?

For me, it’s a tie between PS 4 Pro (in 4K) and Webcaster X2.

When the PS4 Pro came out last year, I was lucky enough to be among the first at Epiphan to play one. Not only because I bought one for home, but also because we bought one here at work to make sure that we could capture 4K video from it with AV.io 4K. It was a fun project to write a how-to guide helping people capture 4K video game streams! You can read more here:

The other side of my “best capture” tie is capturing all the screen captures the Webcaster X2 user guide. AV.io HD and AV.io 4K are such great tools for technical writers. I was able to connect the HDMI OUT from my Webcaster X2 to an AV.io HD (or sometimes AV.io 4K) and use Windows Camera to really quickly see the Webcaster X2 interface from my PC. I could use Camera as my monitor, and at the same time, grab screen shots of the important aspects I needed to share with users.

I’d love to hear what neat things you capture with your AV.io family of capture cards!