VGADVI Broadcaster - YouTube wrong URL issue



Hello all,
I wanted to use VGADVI Broadcaster to push camera view to YouTube, but since there’s no option to add key anywhere in RTPM Push in Admin panel I wanted to use rtmp:// url

Without luck :frowning: admin panel does not accept stating url is faulty, I’ve tried also without RTPM:// and now I just have a device that I cannot use :cry:


The VGADVI Broadcaster is an older hardware platform that came before Youtube Live was an option. While it is possible to stream using Broadcaster, some settings need to be adapted differently, such as part of the URL in the stream key information. Please see example


THANKS! I’ll test those in a day or two with enduser


Theres another issue with the device, after some time there’s problem with audio.
When VGADVI Broadcaster is doing recording and streaming for some time audio 1-2 second gaps starts to appear. I can share sample file and config file


I would recommend emailing for more complex troubleshooting