Vga plus audio TO DVI HD



Hoping to find a solution or way to get my vga plus audio signal into my

I have an older set of Extron vga over Cat5e boxes that have separate vga and audio inputs at one end, and separate vga and audio outputs at the other end.
I can connect my vga to dvi cable that came with my AV.IO and get the video signal just fine, but I want to get the audio thru the DVI cable as well.
Does Epiphan sell a vga with audio in to dvi out converter or cable?
If not, does anyone know if a cable such as this exists?

NOTE: I read the primer regarding how Epiphan is getting audio over the DVI input.

Thank you in advance.



What you would need is a VGA to HDMI converter that has analog audio inputs. This way the audio would then be embedded in the HDMI signal and the HD could capture it.


Thanks. I’ll see what I can find/cobble together.
Kinda weird, but I’ll be coming from a gopro (hdmi out), into my hdmi to vga (with audio) converter; into the Extron vga (with audio) to cat5e; then out vga (with sep. audio); to vga to hdmi converter.

Lotsa steps, but should work.

Thanks again AdamFrame.