Stutter In-Game when using 4K


Hey there,

I use my 4K at 1080p 60fps to transfer video/audio from my gaming computer to my streaming computer. I have seen a problem that seems to only happen in Grand Theft Auto 5, and I’m certain it is the Capture Card’s fault because when I am not using the card, there is no stutter at all. Here is what happens, basically my FPS in game will be about 90 and on the stream the game looks super smooth, no issues. The stutter only happens on my end, in-game. The capture card does not “capture” the stutter (Which is good). The stutter happens every minute or so, and its not large, it looks like it skips 3 or 4 FPS. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this, and if anyone knows a solution? I am using a normal HDMI cord into the 4k, no adapters.

Thanks in advance!


Can you describe the setup in more detail? Are you using a splitter to take the Gaming output to your monitor and the
Or using 2 distinct outputs from the GPU?
If it is the latter, when the setup is not using the, I assume it does not use the 2nd output?


I have the 4K plugged into the HDMI port on my graphics card. In Windows, I set the card to mirror my main display, which is plugged into a display port on my graphics card. When the is turned off, windows removes it from monitors (As if it has been unplugged).


With two direct connections from the graphics card, it would likely indicate that your graphics card is struggling to keep out with the signal output. You mentioned that on the stream it looks super smooth, meaning that the is capturing the content without issue. This indicated that it is something to do with the host gaming system, likely the Graphics card having difficulty meeting the demand of the system while using both outputs.

As a work-around I would recommend using a single output from your graphics card and using a splitter so that one feed can go to your monitor and the other can go to the without increasing load to your internal card. This should alleviate the current stuttering issue you’re seeing.


Alright. Thank you for the help, I just ordered a splitter. I will get back to you once I get it. Thanks!


Splitter came in, and it works like a dream. Thank you so much for the help! I appreciate it!