Solutions To Your Audio Problem


Tell us about a time you had some big audio challenges and what tools or steps you took to fix them!

Whether you’re troubleshooting the problem, investing in new gear or MacGyver’ing your way to the solution, we’d love to know how!

We’ve had our own series of challenges with Epiphan Live and audio but we want to know more from you!

We invested in better cables when some had failed. We recently changed audio mixers from a standard analog mixer to an IP based one that we can monitor for elsewhere in the building if needed!

We’ve fumbled with audio settings - okay, me, Mat has fumbled with audio settings where the audio might have been way too low or overblown!

We’ve MacGyvered solutions to get guests from Skype or from a phone on the live show that could also see us!

What are some of your best tips for getting your best audio?