Simplest 2/3 camcorders streaming system with a macbook


I really appreciate any help! I am working on a webcasting kit proposal for a non-profit.

Using a macbook going directly into YouTube Live in the web browser…
Using 2 camcorders with mini-hdmi out connected with a cable to the Revesun simple switcher you recommend,

is the minimum technical/price requirement to connect between the computer and the Revesun the HD and, how do you think the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder compares?

Any downside or sync problem bringing in audio into the mac-book through the mini audioport from a mixer?

If I wanted a third input to a switcher for computer presentation like a power-point or a video, what is similar price quality to the Revesun above with 3 inputs?

Thanks!!! Love your educational videos!


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Hi there, I don’t see any issues with your account. Did you see a problem?


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Ah yes I see, the system temporarily added a hold, but this was removed when reviewed by an admin. Your account is good currently.

As for your original message, the HD can certainly capture from the switcher there, and as that is a switcher with scaling capability it shouldn’t experience any issues during a switch. There may indeed be the need for sync adjustments in the software you use (for example OBS) when the audio is coming in from a different source.

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with the mini recorder you mention as I only use Epiphan products. I also don’t have a specific mention of 3 input switcher to mention here, but as long as it is a switcher with a scaler function it should work well.