RMA a webcaster x2


Need to return x2 because Ethernet doesn’t work, but can’t live without unit for more that a week. The Wi-Fi does work but we paid for a special lan connection where I stream from so I’d like to use it instead of hotspot so I can go 1080p. I need to stream every weekend so just wondering what kind of time frame we are looking at to get unit back. I’m in the midwest.


As a practical troubleshooting step, have you tested any other Ethernet cables, network sources, and ensured under the settings of the Webcaster X2 that Ethernet is enabled?

If the unit was purchased directly from our online store you can file the RMA request on our website. If the Webcaster X2 was purchased from one of our partners I would encourage you to file the RMA through them as they may be able to provide a replacement sooner or cover the cost of shipping and receiving.
If the partner is unable or unwilling to assist you with the RMA you can certainly file the request directly on our website.


Thank you sir, I have the information that you provided me, and I have tried everything listed. I am just concerned with time frame on an RMA, also do you try to repair the unit or just send a new one?


It depends on the nature of the failure, and also from where it was purchased