Pixel Shift in the Epiphan capture tool display


We are using epiphan frame grabber for capturing images send from our DUT using DVI interface. The images are seen using the epiphan capture tool in the PC. The resolution of the image is 1280x768.
A shift of 2 pixels in the starting of every horizontal line is observed when tested using the above setup.
But there is no shift in the image when the same epiphan frame grabber and DUT is connected to a different PC .
Could you please help on the above issue? Is it because of any difference in the settings?We are using same version( V3.30.2.10) of the epiphan capture tool in both the PCs and we have not done any change in the settings manually.


Hmm, can you run a test using a Beta build of our drivers? These are available below:

32bit beta: http://updates.epiphan.com/downloads/beta/epiphan-usb-pci-drivers-windows-32bit-

64bit beta: http://updates.epiphan.com/downloads/beta/epiphan-usb-pci-drivers-windows-64bit-


Hi Adam,

Thankyou so much for the quick response.

The issue is resolved after updating the driver.




I have exactly the same issue with the DVI2USB 3.0 Grabber and software version V3.30.2.10.

It seems the links to the beta drivers are dead, please could you update them?

Kind regards,


I’m not seeing any issues when clicking or right-clicking on the links to download the beta drivers. What are you seeing when attempting to download the drivers presently?


Thanks! Now I managed to download the files by using a different web browser with better download restart capabilities.

This version fixed also the pixel shift in our application.