Newbie question viable software


Good morning,

Open till recently I’ve been using a STARTech capture card. Which was working very well for me. However our IT group has depreciated flash which means that The capture software included with the card will no longer work for me. I am in the market for a new capture card. I believe the 4K will work for me. However I am wondering what applications I can route the video to in order to actually record my streams. This is for creating medical device educational content and rarely for live streaming when I need to support customers remotely.

Thank you very much. We use Epiphan in our professional medical products for VGA capture.


Hello Michael,

The series of capture cards are UVC devices, meaning they are compatible with the base level drivers that come with any operating system. Effectively, your computer would see the device as if it were a webcam. For this reason, you would be able to use any program capable of utilizing a webcam, like VLC, Windows Camera, etc. We only suggest that the computer being used for capture is modern and equipped with USB3.0 ports or better so rated power delivery and data throughput is achieved.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have!


Is there anything in the Adobe universe that would work. My problem is that my IT group has become extremely strict about what applications we are allowed to have owing to security breaches from open sourced software etc.


While I am not certain of a particular Adobe video capture program, theoretically any program that can utilize a webcam will be able to see and use our series of captures cards. The only real limitation here is if the capture card needs its firmware updated; your IT team will likely have to initiate this as the process requires Administrator permissions.