Grabber Firmware Mismatch - DVI2PCIE on Debian



Everything works fine if I boot into Windows 10, but if I boot into my Debian install then I just get “Grabber firmware version mismatch.” I’ve run the capture tool in Windows and made sure everything was up to date. Not sure what to do on the Linux side of things.


This would mean that the drivers on Windows and on Debian are different versions. The device firmware is updated by the driver installation, and the firmware has to match the driver version. Can you tell me what driver versions you are running on each platform?


That was all it took. My Debian install was using the drivers, but it had been a while since I installed the drivers in Windows. Once I reinstalled the drivers in Windows and it updated the firmware, I booted back into Debian and now everything is working fine. So I guess installing the drivers in Linux didn’t actually update the firmware for the device.


Glad to hear you got it all running!