Error #2000 streaming on twitch


My Webcaster X2 keeps cutting out every 3-8 min and its has been affecting my stream on twitch. It will freeze and then start a new video right after. How do I avoid or fix this?


Sorry to hear you are running into a problem here! Can you please perform a speedtest: Then make sure you set your upload bitrate to no more than 75% of the upload speed you get here. Ideally keeping it to 50% just to be safe.

If the problem isn’t related to internet upload bandwidth then I would recommend checking for a network issue. For example if you are using wifi test with an ethernet connection instead. You may also want to test on a DMZ port to avoid any firewall or QoS issues.


Streaming speed is not the issue. Have switched from wifi to Ethernet. Also have a bit rate of only 1000. Have also had the same issue using my hotspot and other wifi from other buildings. What can be changed on the device?


Can you tell me what the speedtest showed for your connection upload speed? Also, what do you currently have the bitrate on the Webcaster X2 set to?


18 down 18 up Sorry for the delay been working and not able to stream. Just getting back to fixing this set up now.


Hmm, if it isn’t network, or bandwidth related then I would recommend RMA’ing the unit. If you purchased it from a reseller you would want to contact them regarding this. If you purchased from us directly you can RMA the unit here:


Friend, I know its too late to reply on this thread, But if you are still facing the issue of Error #2000 then I would recommend to check out this guide to resolve this issue.


I was a very helpful guide. Do have any idea how to solve Spotify error code 3 coz I m trying to solve it for a long time and I haven’t succeeded in it yet.


Unfortunately this is a community forum for Epiphan Video hardware devices, so we are unable to assist you with a Spotify platform issue.