Error 0XE0000244 during driver installation on Windows 8.1


the error indicated in the subject of the post is what happens when you try to install the drivers version on a PC with Windows 8.1 64bit . (see images attached )

Because Windows 8.1 is still supported by Microsoft, I hope I can have an update if possible



I second this. I work in the medical service industry. I recently moved from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. I needed my DVI2USB 3.0 adapter today and was greeted with the same error message during installation. Please advise on a work around or release an update ASAP!


Ah yes, this is just as the newest drivers do indeed only target Windows 10. To solve this you can install older drivers that did include support for Windows 8.1 such as these:

Let me know if this resolves the problem for you!


You sir are awesome! I successfully loaded the drivers you recommended and was able to use my DVI2USB 3.0 capture adapter! It is wonderful having this tool back in my arsenal.