DVI2USB scaling through SDK


I am looking to scale down the captured frames to a lower resolution using the SDK. Is there a way to specify the desired resolution so this can be done via the DVI2USB frame grabber hardware?


Hello blue-mountain!

Unfortunately, the SDK is EOL as of 2017. While the original SDK had basic documentation and sample code for C++, Java and C for developing a custom app, we don’t have any examples available.

Currently, there are two options that would allow the DVI2USB to scale your video source, both of these options would require in a third-party capture program as the Epiphan Capture tool will always capture exactly the same output spec as your video source.

Option 1:
Request the lower resolution in your capture program. For example, if using VLC and your video source is outputting 1920x1080, you could request 1280x720 in VLC. The DVI2USB will then downscale the image based on the request from the capture program, allowing you to capture 1280x720.

Option 2: (DirectShow compatible programs only)
“Fixed Resolutions” - Using the Epiphan Capture tool navigate to:

Capture -> Configure Device -> DirectShow

Check the box beside “Fixed Resolution” then choose from one of the resolutions available. Closing the settings window will save the fixed resolution into the DVI2USB drivers. When choosing the DVI2USB as a source in a DirectShow compatible program, the DVI2USB should report the fixed resolution. One caveat is that if the capture program is requesting its own parameters, it may appear the fixed resolution is not stable.

Hopefully this helps!