Configure Tool on Windows7?



I have 4K capture card and it’s working fine with VLC on Windows 7 but I’m not able to run the configurator tool (from archive

Also in Device Manager I see a device named “ 4k HD Config” which is not installed properly.
In the EpiphanCaptureConfig archive there is ‘driver’ folder but I cannot update the driver from it.

Could you please support me?
Is there something additional I’m supposed to install?



The Config Tool should inject the drivers when you run it. Please make sure you have extracted the zip file contents before running the AVioConfig.exe (not the zadig_2.2.exe). Also, make sure you are using an administrator account, and try launching the config tool by right clicking on the AVioConfig.exe and going to “Run as administrator”


Here is the content of the extracted archive:

The exes you mention are missing…
Am I using the wrong archive? I downloaded it from here:


Hmm, can you please try with the below version of the config tool application?


With this version it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for the support