Can't see option "Use input signal resolution" in configurator


I am capturing a video stream to bit map images.
For offline analys the images must be one to one, exact bit map of the input frames.
I’ve upgraded to FW to the latest version (4.0.0) with the current configurator tool.
But I don’t see the option “Use input signal resolution” in the setting tab.
Currently I always see the video in the maximum resolution, no matter what the input resolution is.
Thank you


I’m sorry that you’re running into this issue! Based on the firmware version it sounds like you’re using one of our devices? Which model are you working with?

While there is no option to use input signal resolution that is what the should be doing anyway, it is designed to simply ingest the video signal at whatever resolution the source is set to. What is the resolution of the device you’re trying to capture, is it a non-standard resolution?

You can try setting a ‘Custom User Mode’ where you specify the height and width of the signal. This can sometimes help force the to receive the signal at the proper resolution.