Canon M50 sound issue


Hi, No sound when i record in youtube live or any other streaming website. Video transmits correctly. Sound is not.
I tried many ways to stream from M50 through Avio4k in 1080. I have all computer setup correctly. For sound i use rode mic filmaker kit. There is a common issue related to canon eos m50 cameras ?


Quick way to check would be to connect the camera to a TV over HDMI and see if you get any live audio.
I have not used the M50 myself, but there are many models in Canon’s line that do not provide live HDMI audio.


And there are some Canon models (see 5D Mk III) that provide gorgeous, clean HDMI, but no audio.


I have tried a lot to solve the error, but every time I fail. I have searched a lot on the Internet but still cannot find any proper suggestion in this regarding. I have also consulted with Windows update error code 8007000e, but no such suggestions can be found. If anyone has any alternative idea, then ping me back.


What error are you facing? Are you also having trouble capturing audio from your Canon M50?