Canon Eos 6D Mark ii or Canon Eos R



Hey guys,

I am interested in buying a Webcaster x2 to Facebook Livestream protest’s in Melbourne, Australia with either a Canon 6D or a brand new Canon Eos R. I was wondering if the Webcaster x2 is now compatible with either Canon cameras?


Unfortunately all Canon DSLR cameras only output Interlaced video signals. Webcaster X2 supports 720P or 1080P only.

It is also important to note that most DSLR cameras, including the ones you mention, do not output live audio over HDMI (only for recorded video playback)


Thanks mate,

so I need to buy a Sony or Panasonic camcorder to Livestream protest’s in Melbourne via Facebook? If so, what brand of camcorder do you suggest (under $2500 AUD)?



It’s alright I found the list of cameras,

Thanks Paul