AV.io HD output video resolution


Hi, i used the Config tool to set the AV.io HD device output resolution to be equal to the input signal resolution. The Config tool identifies correctly input video resolution (1024x768@60), but my software always identifies it as 960x540 or 1920x1080 depending on the connector (USB2 or USB3). I use DirectShow to grab the video.
I also checked it with the VLC and AMCAP - both of them detect maximum resolution (1920x1080) and not the resolution of the input signal (1024x768).
Any recommendations?


The AV.io has internal scaling, so it will output the resolution requested by the software. Unfortunately there is no way to force the AV.io to only output the native resolution. Just make sure that the application is set to request the same resolution that the source is outputting. For example in VLC you can easily specify a resolution when opening a capture device