AV.io HD no audio


I can’t get any audio to pass through on my AV.io HD. Not showing up on the meters at all. HDMI coming from my Panasonic Hc-v770 camera. Using OBS on a brand new Mac Pro. Video plays perfectly and software recognizes the device for both video and audio. Help!


Sorry to hear you’re having an issue here! Can you confirm that audio is indeed coming from the camera by connecting it to an HDMI audio compatible device, such as a TV? Do you have any adapters or 3rd party devices in-between either the camera and the AV.io HD, or the AV.io HD and the computer, such as a USB hub or similar? Are using the USB cable provided with the AV.io HD?


Hey there,

Thanks for getting back. I did confirm that the audio is making it to the computer so it doesn’t look like it’s a device problem. For some reason the audio won’t connect to OBS. I sent the question to their forum. We’ll see what comes back.




OBS is notorious in most recent versions of the software to have an audio glitch with some UVC devices. this could be the case with your device as well!
As a work-around you should be able to add an audio source under “sources” and select the AV.io as the audio device and it should hopefully work!