AV.io HD and Apple QuickTime Player


Anybody here having success using Apple’s QuickTime Player v10.5 under macOS 10.14.6? I can see AV.io_HDMI Video show up under the record button’s pull-down but I get the error message “Cannot use AV.io_HDMI Video. This app is not authorized to use AV.io_HDMI Video”. On the other hand, I can’t get the Mac’s camera to work either (same type of error message).

Note that I have a AV.io_HD but the Mac sees it as AV.io_HDMI . What’s that about?


Problem(s) solved. :+1:

 > System Preferences > Security & Privacy and re-checked Camera and Microphone got the record function working with the apple hardware.

Enabling a software setting on my video source plus replacing a bad USB extension cable got the external device working.