AV.io audio looping issue



I am trying to set up a livestream for my church, but I keep running into an audio issue. The video looks great, but when I mix my audio and video, the audio starts looping after a few minutes. We are using an optics camera and a cannon camera. These two cameras are going to a Roland video mixer which is connected to the AV.io. Sound from our sound board is going to the video mixer and then to the AV.io from there via HDMI. The program we are using is Livestream studio on a iMac Pro to mix the audio and video. Does anyone know why the audio would be looping? Please Help!!


Please make sure that the AV.io unit is updated. You can find the tool and the firmware on the product page for the AV.io unit in question under Resources -> Software. Use the tool to apply the firmware file, once this is completed please unplug the AV.io from the computer via USB then plug it back in for the new firmware to take effect. Then re-test and hopefully this will have resolved the problem!


That solved it! Thank You!