AV.io and Ubuntu



Has anyone had any success using the AV.io HD or AV.io.SDI with Ubuntu Linux 16.04? The kernel is 4.4.38 which is supposed to be OK.



Yes. More, AV.io HD initially developed under Linux Mint 18, based on Ubuntu 16.04. And mostly developed and tested under Linux.

It is generic UVC + UAC devices that does not required any driver installation and should work well with any current kernels. If you have any problems, provide dmesg output after device connected. And use latest firmware before.

Also, modern Linux distros configured to be aggressively power save and turn off unused USB devices after 2-3 seconds of inactivity. SDI and HD cards requires about 5 seconds to boot. Too long, I know. But it is just a HW limitation that was solved only in 4K line. So, due to boot process Linux can move device to the suspend mode. Just try to request streaming using FFmpeg or so on.