Av.IO 4K sound issue


Hello Team,

I am using AV.IO 4k to stream content from a desktop to a laptop. I am recording the streamed content on the laptop.

I initially used VLC to capture the video and another software to record the screen.

For the first few recordings things went fine, but, at some point, the sound began to have issues. If the sound is a bit louder from the source some crackling appears similar to a broken speaker that plays loud base music.

I tried OBS as well, but with that, the video feed freezes randomly. Sound still works though.

I also tried Xsplit and the same issue with the sound appears.

Firmware is updated to the latest version.

The hardware shouldn’t be an issue I think. The desktop I’m streaming from has a 10 core CPU, 32 GB RAM, and 1060 GTX and the laptop has a 10th gen Intel CPU with Iris graphics.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thank you,


Hello Mihai,

Sorry to hear you are encountering issues here! Can you please email our support team directly at support@epiphan.com regarding this? Ideally if you could send them a short recording of the audio issue this would be very helpful!